A Lightspeed Network

CSquared enables MNOs and ISPs to provide high-quality broadband at lower costs through shared infrastructure such as metro fiber and Wi-Fi networks. Our shared infrastructure model means we work alongside our partners, building networks they can leverage to provide better services to end users.

We have seen how connecting metros in Africa to existing long-distance fiber lines has helped to provide these cities with a foundation for growth and help more people get online. We are excited to accelerate this growth in the rest of Africa.

CSquared A Lightspeed Network

Building access infrastructure is transformative.

Customers using CSquared infrastructure: MNOs, ISPs, and 4G/LTE operators
Kilometers of metro fiber deployment in Uganda, Ghana and Liberia.
Customer sites connected on our fiber: base stations, enterprises, SMEs, homes, etc.
Manholes, handholes, and breakout points for quick connection of sites.

Lanre Kolade


Eddie Irungu


Adama Kane

Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Estelle Akofio-Sowah

Country Manager, Ghana, Liberia

Philip Sakwa

Head of Human Resources

Napoleon Mengot

Strategy Manager

CSquared's Contribution


Expanding Capacity

A city with greater Internet capacity provides more opportunity for commerce, education and the arts. Data transfer with fiber speeds means less time waiting and more time for creating.


New Opportunities

By bringing a first-class network to the workspace, entrepreneurs have greater opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Reliable Internet enables them to tackle big problems, faster.


Accelerating Growth

A fiber network is built to move large amounts of data and scales reliably as more people come online. Better connections can help people do better work. For doctors, that means x-rays and patient charts can be shared quickly to enable faster treatment.

The Impact


Koblah Gbeho - Chief Marketing Officer Ecoband Networks

“The metro areas of Ghana West Africa are rapidly expanding territories. Due to the dynamic nature of the environment, delivering quality of service can prove difficult. For end users in these locations QOS cannot be compromised. Delivering a total quality experience, end to end users satisfaction means having a technology partner that is willing and available to work collaboratively, a partner that understands the nuance of working locally in order to achieve international standards. At Ecoband, dynamic, personalized service is a hallmark. Fortunately we are able to meet and exceed this ideal, due in large part to of our partners, C Squared is a perfect example.”


Eric Akwei, Head of Design & Planning, Surfline

“Being in partnership with CSquared for metro-fiber service has been a remarkable experience in the areas of deployment, maintenance, and customer service. The entire Surfline Technology team was overwhelmed by your speed and professionalism. CSquared has accomplished remarkable feats of engineering that are worth acknowledging and the entire Surfline team is very proud to have CSquared as a partner.”


Isaac J. M. Kasana, CEO of RENU, (Research & Education Network of Uganda)

“Research and Education (R&E) collaboration among universities and research institutions in Uganda is important for national development. CSquared provides RENU last-mile connectivity that contributes to this collaboration and enables us to build a network that is scalable, easy to upgrade and quite resilient.”

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