Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

CSquared launched its operations in DRC in Kinshasa, the national capital and largest city . DRC with its strategic position bordering nine neighboring nations and boasting a narrow access to the Atlantic Ocean, the DRC holds immense potential for connectivity and economic development.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a vast and dynamic country located in the heart of Africa, is the second-largest country in Africa, With a population of around 112 million. The national capital and largest city is Kinshasa, which is also the economic center. 


In 2021, CSquared embarked on an exciting journey in the DRC, marking the beginning of a transformative era in telecommunications. With a national metro license and an FTTx license, we are poised to revolutionize connectivity across the country.


We have an active network in  Kinshasa, the bustling capital city, and subsequently expand to other regions of the DRC. By leveraging our expertise and infrastructure, we aim to bridge the digital divide and empower communities across the country.  Enhancing the network coverage and capacity and making connectivity more affordable and accessible to all corners of the country.


With its strategic position, bordering nine neighboring nations, the Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania (across Lake Tanganyika), Zambia, the Cabinda exclave of Angola, and boasting narrow access to the Atlantic Ocean, the DRC holds immense potential for connectivity and economic development.


The DRC is a land of vastness and diversity, with a pressing need for reliable communications infrastructure. A resilient fiber network is not just desirable—it's essential. From facilitating business transactions to enabling remote education and healthcare services, reliable connectivity is a catalyst for socio-economic development.

Our products


Connecting metro areas, towns with reliable, controlled backbone networks.

Data center connectivity

Connectivity to data centers, aiding traffic, disaster recovery, and global networking.


Utilize CSquared's 7000+ km network in 9 African countries to optimize internet.


We offer top-tier IP transit services, leveraging our connection to the Equiano subsea cable.

IP Transit

CSquared provides top-tier IP transit via the Equiano subsea cable.

Fiber to the X

CSquared's FTTX offers exceptional, high-speed fiber optic connectivity tailored.

Port Fiber

CSquared port fiber solution offers fast, managed ethernet for businesses.

Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

High-quality, reliable home fiber internet with seamless wholesale connectivity solution.

CLS Backhaul Connectivity

High-capacity, low-latency backhaul solutions for efficient data transfer.

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