Our Culture

Cultivating Our Culture at CSquared

At CSquared, our culture is the heartbeat of our organization, shaping our dynamic workplace. Every team member actively contributes to nurturing our culture, supported by our dedicated culture champions and country representatives. Our HR and Country Leads are also enthusiastic, committed advocates at the management level. 

We cultivate our vibrant culture through a purposeful array of programs centered around three key pillars: synergy, wellness, and diversity.

Our Values

At CSquared, our vibrant culture is rooted in a set of values that we wholeheartedly embrace. These values serve as the compass for every team member, inspiring and guiding our actions in the workplace.


Fun – breeds a fresh perspective and creativity. Have fun in what you’re doing to be successful.

Respect – Honor commitments, treat people with fairness and practice humility.

Excellence – Provide excellent customer service and focus on the user while setting high standards.

Sharing – Communicate openly to everyone and strive to develop others and oneself.

Heroism – Act like an owner, with a sense of urgency. Be bold, think big, and take smart risks.  

Who Leads Our Culture? Everyone!

At CSquared, everyone contributes to the vibrant culture we cherish, with the support from dedicated Culture Champions and representatives from each country. Our HR team and Country Leads play a vital role as sponsors at the management level, ensuring our cultural values are woven into our day-to-day operations.

How Do We Foster Our Unique Culture?

We've designed a series of intentional programs anchored on three critical pillars:

  1. Synergy - Energy, Drive, and Spirit
    We believe in the power of synergy. Through fun and informal gatherings, we encourage our team to bond, collaborate, and foster a spirit of unity. Regular team-building activities and social events are not just enjoyable—they are crucial in knitting our team closer. #TeamWorkIsFun


  2. Wellness - Complete Well-Being
    Your health is our priority. CSquared promotes a healthy lifestyle that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional well-being. From wellness programs to regular health awareness initiatives, we ensure that our team stays fit, happy, and energized. #HealthFirst


  3. Diversity - Variety, Uniqueness, and Contrast
    Diversity is our strength. We are committed to building an inclusive workplace where every voice is valued. By embracing diverse perspectives and breaking down barriers, we empower our team members to thrive and contribute uniquely. #TogetherIsBetter

Join Us in Shaping a Dynamic Workplace
Every member of CSquared plays a crucial role in shaping our culture. Together, we are creating an environment where everyone can succeed and feel valued. Let's continue to build a workplace that reflects our shared values and diverse strengths!