A Digitally Connected Africa

CSquared is a technology company, committed to a digitally connected Africa by making impactful investments into open-access broadband enabling infrastructure throughout Africa.

CSquared helps bring high-quality broadband access to Africa’s major cities, aiming to create A Digitally Connected Africa.


While a basic connection is useful when it comes to Internet access, abundant, affordable broadband can transform communities & help people make the most of opportunities online.


CSquared is bridging the digital divide, bringing you high-speed connectivity and innovative digital solutions.

Why CSquared?

Bridging The Digital Divide

Remove burden of infrastructure management from service provider; provide as much support as possible, so that service provider can focus on service provision


Shared infrastructure reduces capex & opex for transmission costs of our partners; further improvements to other financial metrics


With singular focus on infrastructure, CSquared deploys on large scale, on time, and with quality; hence, can reduce time to connect base stations, and support any future expansion plans of service providers


Flexible payment options (monthly lease in long-term contracts, IRU); enable service provider to choose option that is best aligned with their plans and needs

Our Investors

Enhancing Africa’s connectivity requires substantial capital investment. Our investors believe in a highly connected, digitized world and have played an integral role in supporting CSquared’s mission to make the internet accessible in African countries.

Connect with CSquared Today?

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview, don't hesitate to reach out at info@csquared.com.