Fiber to the X

At CSquared, we are dedicated to transforming the way you connect.  CSquared's FTTX (Fiber to the X) service offers an unparalleled fiber optic network solution designed to deliver exceptional high-speed broadband connectivity tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Fiber to the Building (FTTB), Fiber to the Curb (FTTC), or Fiber to the Node (FTTN), our service ensures a robust, scalable, and future-proof solution. 

Its high-speed, reliable, and scalable nature makes it an ideal choice for any environment seeking to meet current and future digital demands. 

Our FTTX service not only delivers top-tier broadband connectivity but also ensures a future-ready infrastructure backed by our expertise and support.


Features : 

  • Future-Proof Technology: Built on fiber optic infrastructure, providing a long-term solution with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Compatible with future advancements in broadband technology, ensuring longevity and relevance.
  • Versatile Deployment

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    Port Fiber

    CSquared port fiber solution offers fast, managed ethernet for businesses.

    Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

    High-quality, reliable home fiber internet with seamless wholesale connectivity solution.

    Public Wi-Fi

    CSquared enhances productivity with internet access for emails, meetings, and documents.


    Connecting metro areas, towns with reliable, controlled backbone networks.


    Utilize CSquared's 7000+ km network in 9 African countries to optimize internet.

    Data center connectivity

    Connectivity to data centers, aiding traffic, disaster recovery, and global networking.

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